Reinforcement of the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) in Lebanon

Funding Organisation

European Union


National Social Security Fund Lebanon


3.600.00 €




In Lebanon, there is no comprehensive national policy to fight poverty and a particular, effective social security system for poor people. Without improvements, Lebanon cannot hope to move towards realistically integrated and adequate social protection interventions. Thus, the project aimed to contribute to improving the quality and coverage of the NSSF services. Specifically, the purpose was to improve the strategic technical, and institutional capacity of the NSSF, to enhance the legislative framework and the related quality of use of the Actuarial Department, to improve the NSSF operations, to implement management of change through awareness and communication.


Results of improving the strategic technical and institutional capacity of the NSSF include: ICT Master Plan reviewed and developed, technical support and warranty provided for one year for the application software, strategic positioning of the NSSF examined, capacity of Strategic Planning and Relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) advanced, the administrative organization of the NSSF is improved, the degree of staff enhanced through capacity building. Results under to improve the legislative framework and the related quality of service of the actuarial department are; mainstreamed the social insurance coverage and its data mining tools to utilize the available data for a better decision-making process improved. Results under the purpose of improving the NSSF operations are; existing procedures reviewed and streamlined, ICT link of the contract between NSSF and hospitals, doctors, and pharmacists. Results of implementing management of change include NSSF methods of control rationalized and modernized, the visibility of the project strengthened, awareness of all stakeholders and NSSF staff ownership to the project secured, CT link created between NSSF and hospitals, doctors and pharmacists.

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