Support to the Development of the Penitentiary and Probation Systems in Georgia

Funding Organisation



Ministry of Corrections of Georgia


2,112.500 €




Countries are looking for an effective and fair way to penalize criminals and prevent recidivism significantly. Within this scope, the overall aim was to reduce recidivism in Georgia and to develop modern and efficient criminal and probation systems to ensure public safety that protects the human rights of prisoners while giving prisoners opportunities for rehabilitation and re-socialization.


• Prison institutions were able to contribute to the development and updating of the Criminal Justice Reform Strategy (CJRS) action plans, the Basic Data and Directions Document (BDD), which established the financial resources required for the reforms, as well as analyses, public outreach papers, policy documents, and relevant legislative and regulatory provisions. • The PPTC was able to be further assisted with the training and development of training curricula and modules. • Based on the adequate classifications of the needs and risk assessment, the management of the prison population was improved by rolling out individual sentence planning to other facilities across the country. • The government was assisted in expanding and improving the work and vocational educational opportunities open to inmates, and in reviewing the effectiveness of the current parole system. • The rehabilitation and resocialization programmes for probationers run by the National Agency for Execution of Non-Custodial Sentences and Probation were enhanced.

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