Support to the Solution of Economic and Social Integration Problems in İstanbul, İzmir, Ankara and Bursa as Major In-Migrant Destinations (İGEP)

Funding Organisation

European Union


WYG Türkiye


7.851.214 €




Cities with high demographic density require reduced urban disparities through enhanced economic, social and cultural opportunities for all citizens. In this respect, the purpose of the project was to provide support to the municipalities of İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir and Bursa to increase institutional capacity to reduce socio-economic integration and environmental related problems caused from migration and to rehabilitate and reintegrate street children in the targeted districts.


There are 16 expected result areas. The followings are some of them; • Relevant municipal staff in the preparation of Strategic Action Plans (2010 – 2020) was supported, • Priority setting for strategic and operational interventions were prepared, and the municipal staff was fully informed with methodologies in setting such priorities, • Operational strategies were prepared for the social and economic integration of migrants into the urban fabric, • At least five publicity and visibility campaigns for each city were carried out, and municipalities were trained in designing these, • Mission Statement and Work Programme for each Child Centre were established • An integrated approach and participatory approach were created towards dealing with children working or living on the streets by all stakeholders.

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