Technical Assistance for Implementation of Civil Society Dialogue and Civil Society Support Programmes (TR2015/DG/01/A5-01/001)

Funding Organisation



Directorate for EU Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs


2.995.780,00 EUR


2019- 2022


The overall aim of the project is to increase bilateral exchanges and cooperation between CSOs in Turkey and the EU at local, regional and national levels, to promote awareness raising initiatives on importance and benefits of membership of Turkey to the EU within Turkey and EU and on challenges and opportunities posed by Turkey’s accession, to implement four Grant Schemes (CSSP-II, CSSP-III, CSD-V and CSD-VI) effectively and timely, to strengthen effectiveness of control mechanism between CSOs.


WEglobal will provide the services including, but not necessarily limited to • Provision of assistance to DEUA staff while implementing the Grant Schemes and managing the consultation mechanism; in consequence of this, the grant implementation, monitoring, management, consultation and reporting skills of those staff are further enhanced. • Development of project management, implementation and reporting skills of the Grant Beneficiaries and enhancement of their knowledge on EU procurement and visibility rules. • Ensure the awareness about and publicity of the Grant Schemes by disseminating accumulated information to all potential candidates and other relevant parties by using various communication and information channels and “Brand values” of the CSD and CSSP enhanced.

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