Technical Assistance for Revitalisation of History in Şanlıurfa

Funding Organisation

European Union


Karacadağ Development Agency


2,218,300 €


2016 - 2018


While tourism has been, and continues to be, important to the local economy, it has not matched its potential. To remedy this and attract more tourists, local government and businesses in the city decided to ensure that the standard of services offered to visitors met internationally accepted standards of hospitality. WEglobal was awarded this EU-funded project to deliver a Tourism Quality Development Programme as part of these efforts.


We trained and mentored public and private sector stakeholders in the advantages of continuing with the programme and worked with them to further strengthen the marketing and promotion of Şanlıurfa through the “Şanlıurfa’s Best” label, piloting the scheme in 30 premises, including hotels, guesthouses and restaurants, to reinforce understanding of tourism quality. Through the project, and the visibility and promotional activities associated with it, not only did we create a strong marketing tool to drive forward improvements in tourism quality standards in Şanlıurfa, we also helped facilitate donor coordination, working with other international non-government organisations to build capacity in in tourism development and poverty.

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