Technical Assistance for Samsun Logistics Centre

Funding Organisation



Municipality of Samsun


2,304,962 €


2016 - 2017


The project was conceived, Turkey’s logistics network ranked 30th worldwide but offered much potential for improvement. With its strategic Black Sea location, seaports, airport and access to national rail and road networks, the Turkish city of Samsun was viewed as being in an excellent position to create a regional multi-node cluster facility that could boost the region’s competitiveness and, over the long-term, the logistics centre or ‘freight village’ under construction there will provide significant logistical amenities and value-added services to manufacturers, wholesalers/retailers and providers of logistical services. Against this background, this technical assistance project formed part of a larger programme, the overall objective of which was to improve the competitiveness of enterprises in Turkey’s TR83 region.


Our project team produced 50 tangible planned outputs during the implementation period, with specific, significant achievements including: • Preparation of a sales and marketing plan: face-to-face meetings were held with 108 companies (42 industrial, 31 3PL companies, 23 traders, 9 2PL companies and 3 in distribution). • Participation of the project team and the Samsun delegation at Turkey’s premier logistics sector Trade Show ‘Logitrans’ in Istanbul: the exposure and networking were invaluable, and the SLC was given an award entitled “the most innovative project in the sector”. • Production of a four-minute promotional video for SLC, which was broadcast online via Youtube: – it was also available in Turkish, English and Russian at and was used to promote the SLC in general and in particular to support marketing/sales. • Delivery of an extensive training programme and executive seminar series for management company shareholder representatives: designed to cover SLC operations, financing and management.

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