Technical Assistance for the Operation of “Hand Made in Hatay”

Funding Organisation

European Union


Antakya Chamber of Industry and Commerce


2,080,075.39 €


2015 - 2017


However, Antakya craftspeople and businesses can offer original designs and fine workmanship and can draw on a long master-apprentice tradition and rich multicultural history, the city has not lived up to its potential. This initiative, the Hand Made in Hatay project is part of a larger initiative, financed by the EU and the Turkish government, to support and stimulate the handmade furniture sector in Hatay and to improve its competitiveness.


Specifically, we; • created a new brand name and brand identity for Hatay furniture; • participated at a national trade fair under the umbrella of this new brand; • created catalogues and brochures for the new designs; • set up a website under the new brand name displaying all the designs; • ran workshops and branding meetings to promote the new designs; • organised one-to-one interviews with the press to raise awareness of the new brand and designs; • used a very well received programme to provide advice and support to 10 furniture producers to develop their skills and capabilities as business managers and to serve as examples to other furniture producers in Hatay. • a diagnostic analysis of each company; • a short management development programme; • visits to see examples of best practice in western Turkey; • support with accessing finance; • access to new furniture designs.

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