Technical Assistance to Implementation of Civil Society Support Programme

Funding Organisation

European Union


Directorate for EU Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs


599,725 €


2018 – 2021


The overall objective of the project is to support the development of civil society through more active democratic participation in policy and decision making processes and by promoting a culture of fundamental rights and dialogue.


WEglobal will enhance and promote Civil Society Support Programme (CSSP). The visibility and publicity of CSSP in general will be ensured. WEglobal will enhance the visibility of CSSP and subsequent civil society programmes such as CSD (Civil Society Dialogue) and CSSP II, promote them and conduct communicational activities for Grant Scheme for CSO partnerships and networks on strengthening coopretion between public sector and CSOs and Grant Scheme for Grassroots CSOs. • To corporate identity of CSSP and its communication plan will be revised and improved based on the outcomes of the 2014 CSSP projects. • Media and social media content for the promotion of CSSP will be developed and shared with the public of two grant schemes. WEglobal will provide technical assistance to the MEU to implement two grant schemes under CSSP namely “Grant Scheme for Grassroots Civil Society Organizations” and “CSO Partnerships and Networks on Strengthening Cooperation Between Public Sector and CSOs Grant Scheme”.

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