Increasing Attractiveness, Inclusiveness and Relevance of VET and Adult Education

Funding Organisation

European Commission


Ministry of Education and Science


2,091,943 EUR




The overall objective is to improve skill matches of youth and adults in line with labour market needs by increasing access to quality vocational education, training and adult education. The project supports the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Nort Macedonia and related national educational institutions in responding on key challenges identified with the Economic and Social Reform Programme 2020 (ESRP) and the Education strategy 2018-2025 improving the quality of VET and AE through the introduction of new Regional VET Centres, as well as help them in the process of developing, upgrading and implementing procedures for validation of non-formal and informal learning as an important path towards quality education for adults. The project implementation also supports the implementation of post-secondary education including the quality assurance mechanisms, the legal framework, the financial mechanisms and development of new programs for post-secondary education for the most requested by the employers occupational profiles. The project also aims at supporting the alignment of the national system with the European Quality Assurance Reference Framework for VET (EQAVET).


Result 1: Improved system for providing VET and AE through introduction of Regional VET Centres which results with increased number of students enrolled both in VET and AE programmes. Result 2: Developed and upgraded system for validation of non-formal and informal learning helping the individuals to obtain proper, official certification which will further help with their employability and career prospects. Result 3: Strengthened post-secondary education that will reflect the labour market demand and support the cooperation with social partners in order to better identify needs of qualifications. Result 4: Aligned VET and AE quality assurance systems with the European Quality Assurance Reference Framework for VET resulting with improved effectiveness of the VET measures and quality measurement practices

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