“Setting up a Programme Management Unit to Support the Implementation of Grant Schemes for the Turkish Cypriot Community”, in Northern Part of Cyprus

Funding Organisation



European Commission Directorate – General for Regional and Urban Policy Unit DGA2. TF.02 – Task Force Turkish Cypriot Community


1.959.900 €


July 2015 – July 2018


It can be said that countries need reconciliation, confidence-building, and support regarding civil society. In this way, the overall objective of the programme was to prepare the Turkish Cypriot community for the implementation of the acquis by contributing in particular to social and economic development including restructuring human resources development and regional development.


• Grant schemes were ready to be launched in a timely fashion by the Contracting Authority, • Grant project proposals were assessed, evaluated, and recommendations were made to the Contracting Authority for the award of the grants, • Grant beneficiaries and other relevant stakeholders had increased capacities and were able to prepare and implement projects independently, or with minimum assistance, • Grant projects were monitored throughout their implementation; and the Project Managers, the EUCC and the relevant sectoral committees were informed about the outcome, • The MIS was taken over, improved and updated. Related information was uploaded to MIS, • A strategy was prepared and implemented to ensure maximum participation by the relevant stakeholders to the calls for proposals, • Requested studies, reports and other ad hoc assistance were available and used by the Contracting Authority in programming and decision-making processes.

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