Enhancing the Employability of Youth and Unemployed/Low-Skilled Workers, and Improving Their Transition to Employment In Egypt

Funding Organisation



Ministry of Trade and Industry


4.310.000 €




It can be claimed that advancing the structure and performance of the TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) system and TVET deliveries is essential to better respond to new socio-economic needs, in particular, youth employability and increased competitiveness in the context of the country’s current and future development. In this framework, the programme aimed to contribute to the employment of youth and fresh graduates by supporting Transition to Employment Units at the Ministry of Education and Technical Education at the ministry, governorate, and school levels.


• Training programs were developed/adjusted based on the competencies, occupational requirements and gaps in selected pilot sectors, • Transition to Employment Units were institutionalized and well-structured within the Ministry of Education and Technical Education, • Career guidance and counselling strategy, as well as the implementation of plans and tools, were developed, and services were provided to potential candidates/individuals at schools, • Career paths for different occupations in different economic sectors were designed and integrated into the Labour Market Information System, • A national structure responsible for a fully functioning system was institutionally structured and a well-known labour market information system was established, • A model/structure that addresses the social and economic needs, and areas of investment on the governorates level was introduced; Manual and procedures were prepared.

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