Technical Assistance for Promoting Social Inclusion in Densely Roma Populated Areas

Funding Organisation



Ministry of Family and Social Policies (Ministry of National Education & Ministry of Health)


8.800.000 €


November 2015 – November 2017


It’s an obvious fact that there is a need to increase social inclusion in heavily populated areas, particularly in Rome, mainly by facilitating their entrance into the formal labour market. Within this context, the project aimed to support Rome’s population by improving the quality of education delivery, vocational education and training, life-long learning, health, employment and social protection. It also aimed to provide social assistance services to the target group to increase the coordination among different public service providers, and to increase social harmony/cohesion. Moreover, its purpose was to enhance the target groups’ access to and demand for public services, to help the employability of target groups.


• Institutional capacity of the public institutions and service providers was improved to provide better delivery of assistance services to the target group, • Awareness, civil dialogue and communication among governmental institutions, NGOs, relevant stakeholders and the general public was improved, • Target groups’ access to quality education services was increased, • The educational success level of the children at the age of pre-primary and primary education in the pilot areas was increased, • Target groups’ demand for access to health services in the pilot areas was improved, • Employability of the target group was enriched to strengthen their occupational qualifications.

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